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Как играть с детскими самокатами? Рассказать вам все эти советы


Under the advocacy of the national slogan of quality education for all, people pay more and more attention to the comprehensive training of children. The main method is to cultivate children’s comprehensive and systematic interests and hobbies so that children can master the ability to think independently and deal with problems independently.

Children’s scooters are a thing that children like very much, and parents also like them very much because children’s scooters are not only fun but also help children form independent characters. Children often ride scooters to exercise flexibility, improve reaction speed, increase exercise volume, strengthen body resistance, and lay the foundation for future learning of skills that require balance such as cycling and roller skating.

According to professionals, we must choose high-quality and safe brand scooters, and guide children to learn how to play with scooters while avoiding safety risks.

How Children Play With Scooters:
1. at the beginning, hold the handle of the scooter with both hands, put one foot on the scooter and the other on the ground, and turn on the spot to get used to the posture of playing the scooter. Parents can also make demonstrations for their children so that the children can have a reference. A scooter of qualified quality can fully carry the weight of an adult.

2. Put one foot on the scooter and gently push the other foot backward, let the scooter move forward slowly, and try to turn.

3. When you are not proficient enough, you can stop the scooter by stepping on the ground with your feet. After you have a certain level of proficiency, teach your child to step on the brake cover behind the scooter.

After you are skilled enough, you can speed up the sliding speed.

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