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Дай мне шанс, я осмелюсь летать


Jinhua’s reputation in “reading” is excellent. In the geographical environment of “surrounded by mountains on three sides and one river, and the basin is scattered with three rivers”, “acquiring fame” may be the only way for Jinhua people to get out of the basin in ancient times – not afraid of hardships, and being able to endure hardships has become a kind of collective spirit of Jinhua.

This can be seen from the preface “Sending Dongyang Ma Sheng” by Song Lian, who was praised by Zhu Yuanzhang as “the head of the founding civil servants” and wrote to his fellow countryman Ma Junze: “The sky is cold, and the inkstone is hard, and the fingers cannot be bent and stretched. lazy.”

However, the tradition of “reading” does not prevent Jinhua, a prefecture-level city with an area of more than 10,000 square kilometers, from becoming one of the most active areas of the private economy in the country. Yiwu, Dongyang, Yongkang, and other county-level cities within its jurisdiction The number of private enterprises is extremely large, covering a very wide range of industries.

Jinhua businessmen do not like being called “boss”, but prefer the title “boss”. In their sense, it seems that only the “boss” is the “people who really work for themselves”.

Give Me a Chance And I Will Dare To Fly
Yongkang is known as the “Hometown of Hardware in China”. In the context of the economy facing greater downward pressure, the status quo of some industries is quite gratifying.

“Hu” is the local surname. In a small-scale factory, the Yicai reporter met four bosses surnamed Hu at one time – they jointly owned a piece of land.

Hu Renjie, the owner of Yongkang Ruihan Stainless Steel Products Factory, took reporters around the newly completed factory building, and then made Kung Fu tea for everyone in his spacious office. Regardless of the quality of the tea leaves, Boss Hu’s inner certainty is beyond words.

“The demand this year is very strong. Compared with the same period last year, the first nine months have increased by more than 5%.” Hu Renjie, who has established a firm foothold in the production of stainless steel cup accessories, said that he made a bold decision this year – He invested 3 million yuan by himself and set up a thermos cup production enterprise with its own brand with several friends.

A few years ago, Hu Renjie, who was thinking of “taking off”, saw the fragility of the chain he was in. “OEM companies are very easy to die. Many large factories have transferred production lines to Cambodia, Vietnam, and other regions. Once domestic orders are reduced, these OEM companies may have problems immediately. Therefore, they must be their own brands.” Hu Renjie Said that because the accessories technology for making thermos cups was relatively mature before, he positioned the new company in mid-to-high-end products, “If it is too high-end, our technology will not be able to keep up; if it is too low-end, the running volume will not be able to outpace the big manufacturers. What suits you is always right.”

In Hu Renjie’s words, “We have been running on the runway for so long, and now we have such an opportunity, why not just fly?” In Hu Renjie’s own factory.

A few years ago, Hu Renjie and Hu Yongsong, the owner of Yongkang Beihaishi Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., and two other bosses surnamed Hu bought the land in partnership. New factory. With the rise in local land prices and housing prices in recent years, the price of factories has also risen to 4,000 yuan per square meter.

The four “Boss Hu”, each running a factory, encountered more or less the problem of capital turnover in the process. Fortunately, the land they bought before was valuable, so their first thought was to mortgage to get a bank loan. But the factory only has “one certificate”, how can it be distributed to four people? This problem, which may not be common in other areas, is a common confusion faced by many small business owners in Yongkang-how can a mortgage loan be obtained under the premise of being inseparable from a factory purchased by multiple people in partnership?

Lu Yiling, president of the Yongkang branch of Jinhua Bank, who handled this business, told Yicai.com that they visited the company many times for on-site inspections. After in-depth analysis at the legal level, they cooperated with the real estate mortgage registration department and finally decided to use the “revolving loan” product. For financial support, in the form of guarantees provided by landowners and sequential mortgages of factories, a total of four sequential mortgages have been carried out. This is Yongkang’s first multi-sequential mortgage loan project.

Lu Yiling said that since the local daily necessities, consumer goods, and other industries are less affected by the economic environment, after the previous rounds of the reshuffle, the remaining companies such as the above-mentioned “Boss Hu” are very good companies.

Although I lived a good life, it was not completely stress-free: words such as difficulty in recruiting and environmental protection requirements frequently appeared in the mouths of these “Boss Hu”.

Hu Yongsong’s factory mainly produces accessories for children’s toys and scooters. Although this year’s net profit has increased by about 10% to 12% year-on-year, Hu Yongsong does not think it is particularly good. After all, the profit growth in previous years can be 15%~ 20% or so. “My mentality is relatively calm. Since everyone says it is difficult, I can still maintain profit growth. I should be satisfied.” Hu Yongsong analyzed that the main reason for the slowdown in growth rate is that the price of raw materials has risen sharply. Raw materials such as iron and aluminum will be used. Compared with the previous two years, the price of raw materials this year has increased by more than 100%.

Hu Yongsong is not very worried about the possibility of “declining demand” in overseas markets. In his opinion, “demand” is always “not bright in the east and bright in the west”. Orders in the United States may have declined, but orders in Europe and other regions Orders are increasing. In order to maintain profit growth, Hu Yongsong, on the one hand, reduces factory costs, and on the other hand, increases prices to deal with the impact of rising raw materials.

At the same time, environmental protection is also an inescapable “gate”. “Since this year, an obvious feeling is that the government has formalized plant safety and increased environmental protection requirements. There were not so many requirements for small and micro enterprises in the past. Such a policy is correct. This year, we can ensure product safety. , environmental inspection, and other work is more successful.” Hu Renjie said.

Because of the different industries, Hu Renjie’s “relaxation” does not appear in Hu Yongsong’s mouth when facing environmental protection requirements, but Hu Yongsong also agrees with the importance of environmental protection – Hu Yongsong, who is a villager in this village, often went to the village as a child Fishing and swimming in the small river where the locals did not pay attention to environmental protection a few years ago, the small river could not be run into the water. In recent years, after the government’s “five water governance”, the water quality has been improved again. “My factory is also in the village. If you don’t get this right, the villagers, elders, and neighbors will have opinions on you.” Hu Yongsong said that the minimum investment of standard equipment for environmental protection is 300,000 yuan. This year 700,000 yuan was invested in one go for wastewater removal and dust filtration.

What makes “Hu Yongsong” feel gratified is that with the increasingly strict environmental protection supervision, some family workshop enterprises that do not meet the environmental protection requirements have been reshuffled. In the future, enterprises that have their own factories that can produce safely, and can meet environmental protection standards will be Usher in a good period of development.

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